Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

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Version: March 23, 2021

RPM International Inc. (“RPM”) and its affiliates (collectively, the “Company”) take pride in providing equal employment opportunities regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, ethnicity, religion, marital status, gender identity, citizenship status, age, veteran or military status, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, cultural affiliation,  disability or any other characteristic protected by law (the “Protected Categories”). Accordingly,  RPM is committed to creating and maintaining  a diverse workplace where equality, respect and consideration for one another are the norm and are viewed as part of our adherence to the Values and Expectations of 168.

This Policy applies to all employees, prospective employees, interns, and temporary or contract workers and applies throughout the employment relationship, including but not limited to, recruitment, promotion, transfer, assignment, training, termination and lay-offs, working conditions, wage and salary administration, employee benefits and application of policies.

The Company recruits, selects and hires individuals based on their qualifications and requires that all employees and other parties involved in the employment relationship comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations preventing discrimination during all stages of employment or hiring on the basis of the Protected Categories.  

The Company has zero tolerance with respect to employment discrimination perpetrated by employees, supervisors, customers or vendors, and strictly prohibits unlawful retaliation and harassment, as set forth in RPM's Hotline and Non-Retaliation Policy.

A suspected violation of this policy can be reported to Human Resources, any member of the Legal or Compliance Departments or through the Company’s Whistleblower Hotline

Any employee who violates this Policy, directs or who knowingly allows another employee to participate in discrimination, harassment, or who engages in retaliatory actions may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.  As indicated in RPM’s Values and Expectations of 168, RPM retains the right to report any violations of law to appropriate authorities.

This policy is subject to the requirements of applicable local laws and regulations.

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